I Am Bismark

baraboo is no longer my home.

Well, you non-mormons out there would not get this, but the LDS church in baraboo changed from a branch to a ward today (basically, it is now considered a larger sized church). i think that is sort of the official ending of me saying baraboo is my home. i mean, 19 years of my life were spent here, but i really feel like my connections are slowly but surely disappearing. the change of the status of the church from what it had always been to me is just sort of symbolic i suppose.

i go back to provo tomorrow morning. i hate to start calling provo my home, as it is probably one of the last places i would ever consider staying for the rest of my life. i think i will just look at myself as a drifter for now. which is fine, i enjoy the freedom that it brings. now i just have to finish up my undergraduate degree so i can get out of utah once and for all.

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