I Am Bismark

things we have learned from today

don’t go blabbing confidential information, even when you think you are anonymous over the internet. just not a safe thing to do. i won’t say exactly what happened, because i would be making the exact same mistake, but lets just say i said something today in a public forum that should not have been said, and it came back and bit me in the butt. suck.

i haven’t started studying for my finals yet. pretty idiotic of me. whatever. instead a couple of us got take out chinese and watched pirates of the caribbean.

today, i switched internet browsers to camino from safari. so far, i really like it. because it is open source, it is much more customizable. it runs off of the gecko engine, so i get all of the rendering ability of firefox, but it was written in native mac os cocoa, so it is very mac-ish and well integrated. some set backs: no built in rss reader like safari, but i started using a news aggregator called netnewswire, and i am rather happy with that also, so no real loss there. but, for some reason, i still can’t load the kronos system webpage (used for clocking in and out of work), even when i am in firefox emulation mode, so i guess i will have to keep firefox around still.

the weather sucked today. a total joke. snow and slush.

my favorite song for today was “be my escape” by relient k.

i really should start (trying to) playing guitar again. why am i getting so many views on my blog?

are people actually reading these? i have a feeling they are just hits from bots, because i got a ton of fake friend requests after i posted my girl musings. weird.

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