I Am Bismark

i don’t feel like sleeping yet..so another web log!

things that bug me a bit:

  • when people put so much crap on their myspace page. i am a total computer geek, but i kind of like the minimalist look of the default page. how fast did my page load for you? probably a hell of a lot faster than someone’s with a bunch of crap did. my page does not define who i am. i use it to keep track of people, etc. maybe some people need to get real personalities so they don’t have to fill their page with crap to make up for it.
  • the fact that 95% of the people listed as baraboo high school alumni still live in or near baraboo. people should get out more.
  • baraboo hi alumni who, in an attempt to justify their existance still in baraboo, try to be all intellectual and cultured. they are just way over the top sometimes. putting some indie movie quotes on your myspace page does not make you someone special.
  • my head cold.
  • sport utility vehicles. they will be outlawed as soon as my sister and i can get our domed utopia up and running.
  • stupid lists like this that people write in their blogs.
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