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protests over the da vinci code…

just some thoughts: i think the whole thing is kind of silly. i guess as a mormon, i really have no issues with jesus have married or having children. it has always been one of those “maybe but who knows” type of things in church, so i really doubt there can be any latter-day saints who would be upset over some of the messages in this film. and it’s almost as if they took the whole covering up of events and missing scriptures straight out of a sunday school lesson on the apostasy.

i think this uproar is even less justified than the muslim protests over the cartoons of mohammed. i mean, it’s not as if the book/film makes fun of christ. it merely questions some oft held beliefs. a pretty silly thing to be upset about.

and while i’m on the subject, the lds church did ask hbo to put a disclaimer at the end of their polygamy show, but i think there is a big difference there. people who watch the show could easily think that mormons still practice polygamy from what they see. but i really doubt anyone is going to go up to a christian after this movie and say “oh, hey, you are the ones who believe jesus got married.” i dunno. it just seems like a whole lot of nothing to get riled up over.

i don’t feel like sleeping yet..so another web log!

things that bug me a bit:

  • when people put so much crap on their myspace page. i am a total computer geek, but i kind of like the minimalist look of the default page. how fast did my page load for you? probably a hell of a lot faster than someone’s with a bunch of crap did. my page does not define who i am. i use it to keep track of people, etc. maybe some people need to get real personalities so they don’t have to fill their page with crap to make up for it.
  • the fact that 95% of the people listed as baraboo high school alumni still live in or near baraboo. people should get out more.
  • baraboo hi alumni who, in an attempt to justify their existance still in baraboo, try to be all intellectual and cultured. they are just way over the top sometimes. putting some indie movie quotes on your myspace page does not make you someone special.
  • my head cold.
  • sport utility vehicles. they will be outlawed as soon as my sister and i can get our domed utopia up and running.
  • stupid lists like this that people write in their blogs.

baraboo is no longer my home.

Well, you non-mormons out there would not get this, but the LDS church in baraboo changed from a branch to a ward today (basically, it is now considered a larger sized church). i think that is sort of the official ending of me saying baraboo is my home. i mean, 19 years of my life were spent here, but i really feel like my connections are slowly but surely disappearing. the change of the status of the church from what it had always been to me is just sort of symbolic i suppose.

i go back to provo tomorrow morning. i hate to start calling provo my home, as it is probably one of the last places i would ever consider staying for the rest of my life. i think i will just look at myself as a drifter for now. which is fine, i enjoy the freedom that it brings. now i just have to finish up my undergraduate degree so i can get out of utah once and for all.

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