I Am Bismark



time for a new blog, cuz that last one was totally lame. what was i thinking, seriously?

i like pudding on the rice. it reminds me of the milk bar in a clockwork orange, minus the naked women statues. rice pudding is now my new love. i masticate whenever i eat some.

provo is boring during the summer. not because there isn’t plenty to do, but i think most of the stupid people went home. while i was fixing a computer in the museum of art the other day some lady said “how can anyone believe you can be a democrat and a mormon?” i guess that was pretty entertaining.

i hate natural responses of RLC circuits.

my dad told me to get married yesterday.

i got the 10th friend request from some girl asking me to come chat with her on her freewebcams.com website this week yesterday. tempting, but no.

i really see no need to go to class in the morning, but i probably will out of some sick sense of responsibility. life. what a f*cked up thing we do.

someone pooped in the hot tub today.

i really am having to hold myself back from buying a new MacBook. they look very sexy. i haven’t had a chance to stop up in the bookstore yet to play with one, but i am sure i will love it anyway.

sometimes i wonder if i could pick up more women if i was black. i am not being racist here, but i seriously think black men are much smoother than i could ever be. i will look into it.

apparently old LDS movies are the in thing at indie film shows in San Francisco. my sister saw one at a gay bar the other night, and the dude said he was going to start showing more. man, i love the trophy case. such a classic. “it looks like a marlboro commercial!”

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