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gross food

i went out to Wingers restaurant today at the Provo Towne Center mall. it was to please a friend who claimed it was a great restaurant. here is my review:

gross. i mean, i really don’t like places like Chili’s. their food is generic, boring, and usually greasy. rarely am i happy with my experience there. but Wingers was about 10x worse. the waitress took about ten minutes to first get to our table, despite the place being quite empty. then she brought us out buttered popcorn. what???? who serves buttered popcorn as an appetizer? anyway, i figured we should give their wings a shot, since it is called Wingers. they were entirely uninspiring. the sauce, Winger’s Amazing Original sauce, was too sweet and not spicy enough. probably a 6/10 compared with other wings i’ve had. then their menu: it looked very unprofessional and unappetizing. the color scheme was just kind of gross (white background with black highlights on the top), and the pictures of food were just not very good. their menu was filled with things like chicken and rice or chicken and pasta dishes. if i wanted pasta, i would go italian. if i wanted rice, i would go asian. i ended up with the “famous” Wingers burger. bland bland bland. again, it had their Super Amazing Really Sweet Original sauce on it, which really added nothing. the fries were not real. i finished the burger and left most of the fries, completely unsatisfied. my friend’s dishes didn’t look all that good either.

overall, i would give wingers a 2/10. at least nothing was rotten.

maybe that would mean more if i were to give more restaurant reviews. well, just for comparison sake, i give Red Robin (which is right across from Wingers at the mall) a 6/10 in the franchise burger place category. they have some unique and decently tasty burgers when one is in the mood, and the fries are actually not bad. and definitely no buttered popcorn.

i would give 10/10 to a ramen shop i ate at in sapporo, a hole in the wall sushi shop i ate in last time i was in san francisco, and a vegetarian restaurant called the Cheese Factory back home in wisconsin.

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