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gross food

i went out to Wingers restaurant today at the Provo Towne Center mall. it was to please a friend who claimed it was a great restaurant. here is my review:

gross. i mean, i really don’t like places like Chili’s. their food is generic, boring, and usually greasy. rarely am i happy with my experience there. but Wingers was about 10x worse. the waitress took about ten minutes to first get to our table, despite the place being quite empty. then she brought us out buttered popcorn. what???? who serves buttered popcorn as an appetizer? anyway, i figured we should give their wings a shot, since it is called Wingers. they were entirely uninspiring. the sauce, Winger’s Amazing Original sauce, was too sweet and not spicy enough. probably a 6/10 compared with other wings i’ve had. then their menu: it looked very unprofessional and unappetizing. the color scheme was just kind of gross (white background with black highlights on the top), and the pictures of food were just not very good. their menu was filled with things like chicken and rice or chicken and pasta dishes. if i wanted pasta, i would go italian. if i wanted rice, i would go asian. i ended up with the “famous” Wingers burger. bland bland bland. again, it had their Super Amazing Really Sweet Original sauce on it, which really added nothing. the fries were not real. i finished the burger and left most of the fries, completely unsatisfied. my friend’s dishes didn’t look all that good either.

overall, i would give wingers a 2/10. at least nothing was rotten.

maybe that would mean more if i were to give more restaurant reviews. well, just for comparison sake, i give Red Robin (which is right across from Wingers at the mall) a 6/10 in the franchise burger place category. they have some unique and decently tasty burgers when one is in the mood, and the fries are actually not bad. and definitely no buttered popcorn.

i would give 10/10 to a ramen shop i ate at in sapporo, a hole in the wall sushi shop i ate in last time i was in san francisco, and a vegetarian restaurant called the Cheese Factory back home in wisconsin.

the worst honor code violators

i think one of the biggest and most blatant honor code violations that occurs among byu students is terrible and illegal driving patterns. it seems like drivers near byu campus (from any state) don’t feel the need to use the turn signal. i see this violation almost once a day while out riding on my scooter. two examples from today:

  1. i came up behind an SUV at the intersection of 820 N and 900 E. it didn’t have a turn signal on, and appeared to be going straight, so i drove up on its right side so i could turn right. when i got to the intersection and looked left, i saw that now the SUV was inching towards me. the girl gave me a look like i was a terrible person, and she turned on her turn signal. i just shook my head and backed up so she didn’t run me over while she made a right turn.

  2. i came to the intersection of 800 N and 700 E, and signaled to turn right. i looked left, and an SUV was approaching, so i waited. it started to slow down as it came to the intersection, but there was no turn signal. was i supposed to go in hopes that i had guessed correctly? or was i supposed to wait, possibly annoying the people behind me and wasting time? the girl driving the SUV gave me a blank stare as she turn and i shook my head at her.

living the laws of the land is part of the the honor code. thus these people are honor code violators. i don’t think side burns longer than one’s ears or watching a movie with a group of friends until 12:30 are matters of life and death, but illegal and bad driving is, thus making it that much more serious of a violation. i think i should start taking down license plate numbers.

now expecting people to refer to him as “McLovin”

staying organized

i’ve been trying hard to get myself more organized. i am failing. pretty miserably.

being a computer geek, i thought that technology of course was the answer. i got a program called iGTD, widely proclaimed around the mac blogging community to be the best task/organizing software in existence. it just didn’t work for me.

i’ve tried lots of things in the past. physical planner books. PDAs (man i could go for some of that). etc. etc.

right now i just have a little program called xpad. it opens in one second after a click. i can write in whatever it is that i think of, and then it autosaves when i close it. not a bad deal. i have quite a few things in there right now. a wishlist of stuff i want (i already got to check one off! i ordered a new pair of headphones from amazon today!). a list of bands and a list of movies i want to check out. to dos for school, work, and personal things. it seems to do ok, but i worry about the inability it has to help me keep track of deadlines. i need something that will remind me when i need to do something by. there has to be a better method. any ideas?

i also decided i needed to start writing in a journal. so i got myself a program called journaler. seems to work really nice. i wonder if i will use it at the expense of this blog.

definitely ate too much tonight at macaroni grill. for as much as i love to eat, it amazes me how wimpy my digestive stomach really is. hurray for staying up till 3 am with an upset tummy.

page rank

i am currently #12 on google if you search for Escape Motorsports. hopefully it will move up to the first page after today’s post. they deserve it for the crap they put me through.

scooter is back

escape motorsports of provo ut (come on google pagerank!), the most inept and worthless repair shop ever known to man, has finally finished my scooter. of course they didn’t call me to let me know this, i had to call them. i went over there to pick it up, and the dude drove it out to the parking lot for me and handed it over. i got on and started driving, but instantly it felt a little off. i gave it a run around the block and almost died by the end since it was wobbling all over the place. they gave it to me with a flat front tire. hurray for them. they didn’t charge me to fill it up, which was lucky for them because my patience was done.

felt great to ride again.


ryan’s vice #382: little debbie fudge brownies.

i really wanted one, so i went down to the vending machines to get one. i pressed the numbers, and the little display said “Malfunction with that product.” i was pretty upset about that. then i went to a vending machine two down from the usual brownie machine, and lo and behold, there were the brownies! hurray! but the drink machine was out of skim milk.. sigh.

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