I Am Bismark


Just one last post about moving: I am so sick of it. Honestly, I really wish this tiny studio apartment would be enough for me for the rest of my life so I never have to see another cardboard box again. Let’s recap the last eight (eight!) years of my life:

  • Provo MTC
  • Kiryu
  • Ageo
  • Takaoka
  • Nasu
  • Kamagaya
  • Kawagoe
  • Baraboo
  • Deseret Towers
  • Helaman Halls
  • Baraboo
  • Carriage Cove*
  • University Villa
  • Wyview*
  • Kyoto
  • Yokohama
  • Cinammon Tree
  • Provo House
  • Sacramento*
  • Provo House #2*
  • Sacramento
  • Madison House
  • Eagle Heights
  • Excelsior District
  • Mission District

Twenty four places in the last eight years. The ones with the * are the locations I lived for 8 months, the longest continuous length of time spent in any one place. I am really sick of moving. Our current lease is for a year, so we shall see what happens.

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