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Catching Up (Photos!)

Ok, since the last month has been absolutely insane with finding a new apartment, moving all our stuff from Wisconsin, big releases at work, etc, I decided to just make up for my lack of posting with some pictures and short descriptions.

Furnishing Our Home

Here is Mariam and my grandparents with all of the furniture we bought at Ikea. Yeah, we basically furnished the whole place in one trip. I am still amazed that we were able to fit it all into the back of my grandpa’s SUV. It was so stuffed that I had curl up in the back seat and have Mariam sit on my lap. Longest trip across the Bay ever.

So yeah, our apartment is very little. It’s half the size but twice the price of where we were going to live in Madison. The joys of San Francisco. We just used UPS to ship all of our stuff out (which thankfully is not much, since we have no space left). It took us about a month to final get everything completely unpacked and all the furniture built, but now it is really starting to feel like home.

Figuring things out

As you can guess, this was quite the challenge.


My coworkers. Yeah, this is what I have to put up with everyday at work. We have fun. Our schedule has been crazy busy, and I hope someday I will be able to talk a little more about what I have been working on. The really fun thing is that the week of our move was when we were doing our first major roll out. Staying at work until 3 am and then spending the next day moving suitcases is always a blast.

San Francisco

The weather in San Francisco has been really great for the past couple of weeks. We are finally getting our summer. Mariam and I spent yesterday out and about: first we went to the farmer’s market to pick up supplies for tonight’s tacos dorados extravaganza at our grandparents house. Then we hit up Katanaya with Brooke and her boyfriend Jon, which was tasty. Later in the afternoon Mariam and I walked up and down Crissy Field to enjoy the awesome weather and that’s when I took this picture. Hard to believe this is the same city where I spent the entire month of July wearing a hoodie.

I think Mariam and I have finally entered a state of normalcy, something that has been hard to come by since our wedding. It’s pretty crazy it’s already been 5 months. Since it’s her birthday and our six month anniversary coming up in October, we are looking into doing something fun like a long weekend up in Mendocino. We shall see. It’s just nice to finally feel like we can settle down.

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