I Am Bismark

ryan’s mint addiction?

so if you haven’t noticed, i’m on kind of a mint/menthol kick lately. first was the american crew citrus mint shampoo/conditioner, then came the menthol gold bond powder. now i have mint soap!! i’ve been needing some new soap lately. i really liked my last two bars. i had a crabtree & evelyn aloe bar during the summer to help with my sunburn, and after that i used the geo f. trumper spice body bar that they sent me with a shaving sampler. btw, i wasn’t impressed with their shaving stuff, even the much vaunted skin food, but the soap was actually quite nice. since it was almost out, i was doing some research on new soaps, and i was torn between some nancy boy soap and some mitchell’s wool fat soap. but then on saturday mariam and i stopped by one of those mall shops with all of the girly smelly lotions and i noticed they had a section of c.o. bigelow men’s products. i was pretty “eh” about the shaving stuff, but the mentha soap caught my eye! i picked up a bar and i love it. it makes my morning shower quite exciting and i feel tingly all over for quite some time. add that to the gold bond powder and i am wide awake by the end of my morning routine. now my only concern is smelling like a candy cane.

edit: i now see that nancy boy also has a mint soap. i think i will try that next to compare!

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