I Am Bismark

i’m afraid i can’t do that dave

my vacation is almost over. i didn’t get nearly as much done as i wanted to, but i certainly got in a lot of relaxing! friday i went out shopping. i needed to really because i had run out of shampoo, but i figured i might as well stop in to some stores to see if there was anything worthwhile on sale. yeah, there really wasn’t. mall clothes really bore me. i did pick up two just basic sweater for cheap from the gap though just because i figure i can always use basic sweaters.

oh, and for those who are not in the know, operation levis has been aborted. the 501s just werent me i decided, though i tried for quite a long time. so i did go in search of a new pair of jeans, but everyone failed me again. i ended up snagging a pair of diesels for really cheap online at this site.

as far as shampoo, i’ve decided to give the american crew citrus mint line a try. i’ve become a bit tired of the nancy boy scent, and i read some good reviews on my shaving sites, so i picked some up while at the mall. so far, i really like it.

friday night my friend jessica invited me to go see comedy sportz. its been a few years since i’ve gone, so it was fun to go again. i laughed a good bit, though as is usual with improv, some of it fell flat. i remember the first time i went to the one in madison with my high school girlfriend… ah memories. saturday i did get a bit of my homework done so that was good. i then realized that the gift certificate to tucanos that my mom had sent me expired at the end of the month, so i quickly called up mariam to enjoy my birthday dinner with. it was her first time, and we had fun. i think she out ate me to be honest… i just can’t eat like a 24 year old anymore. and of course she had to mention that we were there for my birthday, so i got the whole song and dance.


this is me standing outside of tucanos next to one of the trees. i am holding my birthday ice cream.


mariam most likely complaining about the lack of snow. after waddling back to the car, we went to her house to watch 2001: a space odyssey. she had never seen it and we decided to watch it since she claimed that she never falls asleep during movies and i bet her i could find a movie that would put her to sleep. surprisingly we both made it through the entire thing, stomachs full of meat and all. i still had no idea what the end was supposed to mean though….

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