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sundry happenings

i was really tired today. i didn’t get to sleep until 3 am or so. a mixture of huge projects and various other external circumstances i suppose. i slept until 7 and skipped my shower and breakfast. there was a rather large (about the size of a 50-cent piece) spider sitting on the hallway wall right outside my room. that was kind of startling to wake up to.

the worst part of the whole thing was that i didn’t even have my 7:30 am class this morning, it was just a worthless meeting with my group for a project we are starting. we talked for 15 minutes. so i went down to find a place to nap in the computer science TA lab. no one else was there, so i turned off all the lights and snuggled down on the little couch. but the really terrible thing about insomnia is that even when you are dead tired, you just can’t sleep. after an hour, another TA came in and turn on all the lights. i finally was able to slip into a short restless 20 minute nap before i had to get to work.

speaking of work, its been pretty busy lately. we have had to go through the student’s project code and put in errors. deliberately breaking is definitely not as easy at one would think. it wear you down a bit, especially 8 hours of it. anyway, thankfully we finished that all up yesterday, but today we started evaluating the student’s code for quality. this wasn’t quite as tough, but just plain tedious. once again, 8 hours worth and i was fried.

then i came over to the engineering lab to finish up a project with my partner. that went pretty quick, which was good, because it gave me a chance to run home, shower, grab some dinner, and catch the office. i am pretty much amazed at how ironic the whole jim and pam thing is.

my mom sent me a birthday gift certificate i got from tucanos, the all you can eat brazilian bbq place (don’t ask me why they sent it to wisconsin). i think this is a hint for me that i am supposed to take a date. i don’t relish the awkwardness of asking a girl on one. but the new positive, smarter ryan is going to handle it. i already have an idea of who to ask, and already i got a few ideas for double dates in the near future. i really want to go rock climbing again. that was a really fun date last time i went (despite my camera getting ripped off) and i think it could work well for me again. wish me luck, dear reader.

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