I Am Bismark

ryan’s grooming tips for boys and girls

i thought i would share with you all some of my great wealth of knowledge about looking and smelling totally sweet:


ok, so yes, i no longer wear antiperspirant. for those of you who have been lucky enough to be in “close” quarters with me, you will know that i tend to sweat.. a lot for some reason. its like i’m an obese man in a tall skinny kids body. so yeah, that sucks. and guess, what, antiperspirant does nothing. i sweat just as much with it as i do without it. and when i wear it, it just turns my undershirt’s armpits nasty (thats right folks, its not sweat that causes yellowing, its caked up antiperspirant). so, i decided to stop. “but won’t that make you just really smelly ryan?!” i hear you saying. and guess what! nope! i’ve changed over to one of those natural crystal deodorants. i dunno how much i believe all of the health nut mumbo jumbo about the stuff, but it works. no smell and no stains. also, i filled an old sock with gold bond powder and i slap some of that on to help reduce moisture. it also makes me feel all tingly, so thats cool.


girls, if you don’t own a pair of boots, get some. they are hot.

they’re back

the mustache is inching its way back - the new york times i think all of you guys should join me. i started mine three weeks ago.

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