I Am Bismark


hello from snowy wisconsin. i thought there was too much snow in utah before i left, but i should have been grateful… there are a few drifts almost half way up my thigh in the backyard.

a quick recap of the week: finals. blah. they were pretty lame as expected, but i think i did well. i am pretty sure it will be all A’s and A-’s. also grad school apps. blah. i am trying not to think about them. makes me way too nervous.

i did manage to have some fun though. wednesday night mariam and i went up to slc to check out the christmas lights on temple square. well, actually first we stopped by the gateway so i could return something and mariam could find a gift for her roommate. it was freaking cold. and it got freakingly colder as the night went on. like the foolish people we are we walked over to main street and got some dinner. by the time we were done it was 9:30 and it was freakingly colder yet! but since we had come for the lights, we decided to brave the cold and still go see them. it was worth it, they were really nice.

christmas lights

this is the only picture that turned out normal. this was right before mariam started swimming around in the reflection pool, which the security guards apparently frown upon. i told her so. its too bad that my camera sucks though since it was all really nice.

i flew home yesterday, and the wonderful weather only made me two hours late. that actually surprised me though after i stood in line for an hour only to find out it was for naught and then sprinting down the entire length of the denver international airport. today was just a relax day, though i did take care of a few christmas gifts.

i’ve been thinking about something: if someone told me they loved me for who i am, i would tell them they are insane. i hear that a lot though: “oh its so great that he loves me for who i am.” really, i would much rather be loved for who i can become and for my efforts in becoming that person than for who i am right now. and i tend love people in that way too, which i suppose can make me seem a bit harsh at times. i guess i just see a lot of potential in people and i find there is nothing more disappointing in this world than not living up to one’s potential (me often being the biggest disappointment in this department). just a bit of ryan’s daily wisdom for you.

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