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just some stuff about my blog, mostly for you feed subscribers (88% of you who are unfortunate enough to use google reader…):

new additions/sidebar/whatever:

  • people that care about my life: if want to join this club of cool kids, you should follow my blog. click on “Follow this blog” over on my sidebar! you will then get listed along with all the other awesome people! and if you have a blog, then its like free advertising!

  • reactions: just testing this out. if you want to tell me a certain post was lame, come over to my blog and click one of the checkboxes at the bottom of the post.

  • my microblog: i have my twitter feed in my sidebar. but instead of just checking it out there, come see it here and follow me on twitter!

  • my bookmarks: occasionally i will bookmark something on delicious. thats also in my sidebar!

  • get out and VOTE!: there are only 49 days left to vote in my year long “do you know me irl” poll. we are sitting at 43% yes, 56% no! http://www.iambismark.net for those of you who are too lazy. and dear lurkers, give a shout out in the comments next time. i love to hear from you.

stats for december:

top ten states that visit my blog:

  1. utah
  2. oregon
  3. texas
  4. california
  5. wisconsin
  6. idaho
  7. oklahoma
  8. nevada
  9. pennsylvania
  10. north carolina

top referring sites:

  1. itsallyellow.blogspot.com
  2. fiberopticowl.com
  3. canuckette.blogspot.com
  4. thecuriousincidentofmichelle.blogspot.com
  5. danandkimberlytaylor.blogspot.com
  6. accountingchick.blogspot.com
  7. brittbeelynn.blogspot.com
  8. chillygator.blogspot.com
  9. nanti-sarrmm.blogspot.com
  10. tismabel.blogspot.com

top web searches that led to my blog (this cracked me up…):

  1. bismark blog
  2. broccoli burps
  3. “another night another dream but always you”
  4. american crew citrus mint shampoo review blogspot
  5. cloak boy
  6. hishashiburi meaning
  7. if i’m a nerd should i try not to be or should i embrace it
  8. raw brocolli makes burps stink
  9. stinky burps
  10. what do you think another another night another dream lyrics mean
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