I Am Bismark

short update

well the semester is over. yeah sure. finals are this week, but who really cares about finals. when all my classes' grades are based over 50% on projects, then finals definitely become less important.

this last week has been pretty nuts. lots of late nights, not much sleep. i had a bunch of final projects i had to finish. in my operating systems design class, i had one project that was four weeks overdue (i was supposed to do it over the weekend of my birthday.. yeah, that didn’t happen). but i spent some good time in my professor’s office (he was quite understanding of why the project was late.. he even mentioned having single daughter my age..), and i finished it up wednesday morning. we had worked out exactly how much extra credit i needed to do in order to get back to an A, and thursday night at 10 pm (midnight being the deadline), i passed off the last little bit. that was sure nice getting four weeks of pressure off of my shoulders.

all of my other projects somehow got fit in also, though my embedded systems final project didn’t quite get done.. i guess we win some and we lose some. partial credit will have to do.

i also got in my first grad school application to stanford. it was painful to say the least. essay writing just plain sucks. tomorrow washington, wisconsin, and berkeley are due. no playing tonight.

monday night we had a ward talent show. my roommate chris and i did the amazing spit boy trick. always a good time.

my jeans arrived. i like them.

ive been spending a lot of time with mariam lately. she is a really great girl. she is just so… good i guess is the way to put it. i am not sure if being hurtful or dishonest is something she even knows how to do. its kind of a breath of fresh air from both the recent and past girls i’ve spent time with. we shall see where this goes.

i realized i cant worry about the decisions people make when i no longer have any influence in their lives. what they choose to do might be sad, but ultimately its up to them. if anything, it gives me good reason to remember to say my prayers and include them.

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