I Am Bismark

why i’m grateful for provo

as most of you already probably know, i am not a huge fan of provo. right before i came out to school here, i was talking with my branch president back in wisconsin, and he gave me the following advice about provo: “get your education, and then get out of there.” for the last 4 years, i’ve kept that in mind and never once have i questioned it. once i am done with my undergraduate degree, i am leaving utah valley, and i have no desire to live here again.

nevertheless, i am grateful for some things here. there are benefits.

one of the biggest complaints i hear about provo is that there is nothing to do. i’ve decided thats just not true. there is just as much to do here as in wisconsin, or california, or oregon, or japan. real “fun” comes from surrounding yourself with interesting and stimulating people, no matter what the activity.

in fact, the need to find creative activities to have fun is refreshing. in most college towns, freshman and sophomores spend their weekends wishing they were 21 and wondering which places don’t card. let me just say this: bars are lame. every one that i have gone to, even with good friends, i have been absolutely unimpressed. i’ve always thought no wonder people feel the need to get drunk at these places, they are boring as hell.

i’m going on a date tonight. we are going to get hot chocolate and go bowling. to a lot of people that might sound boring as hell, but i know its going to be fun. there is no need for us to drink to have fun. i am friends with the girl, so i know we will be able to joke around, laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company. when we are done, i will drive her home, give her a hug, and drive home with a smile on my face knowing i had fun. there won’t be any debate as to whether i should ask to come in for the night or not. there won’t be any waking up the next morning and thinking oh crap what did i do last night. it just makes having a good time simple.

i appreciate that about provo. i hope i can keep finding good people to surround myself with once i move away from provo. i want to still have this simple, but actually really awesome fun.

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