I Am Bismark

hishashiburi ni

good ideas from japan:

  • big/little flush options on toilets. choice is always nice.
  • lights with fluorescent lining (i think) so that when you turn them off, they give off a soft blue glow for about 20 minutes. no more turning off the lights and being completely blind.
  • washer and dryer in the same unit. sure, it keeps you from being able to do two loads at once, but you can just throw it in at night and have clean AND dry clothes in the morning.

missed chance:

all japanese toilets have a little spout at the top where the water flows out of and then down into a little sink which drains into the sink. i think the original intent was for you to use that water to wash your hands with (it is clean, and is just going to sit in the tank until it is used to flush the toilet). but no one seems to use it that way. maybe because there is no place to keep the soap? missed chance.

nevertheless, japanese toilets put american ones to shame.

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