I Am Bismark

strong curry

we had an international potluck for our ward fhe last night. having lived as a missionary in japan, i knew that making curry was the only way to go. so, my roommate and i set out on the arduous task of making a big pot full of curry and also a bunch of rice. we were a bit late, and as i carried our pot up to the food table, i noticed someone had made “potato and carrot curry” from sri lanka, which look suspiciously like my japanese curry. they also had a bowl of rice, which looked like it actually tasted good, unlike mine. well, that was rather embarrassing, because i am a horrible cook, so i assumed the entire ward would find this out after comparing the two curries. actually, things turned out not so bad. it would seem that sri lankan curry has quite a different taste than japanese curry (and i preferred the latter). but, the point of this whole story is that i went to play practice stinking of curry and onions. opening night is february 2nd, so mark your (you know who you are…) calendars.

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