I Am Bismark

what is wrong with me?

went and saw “the holiday” today. typical sappy romantic comedy. it didn’t even have hugh grant in it, and jude law just doesn’t quite cut it. but here is the weird part: i actually thought cameron diaz was hot in it. seriously, i know, crazy. what is the world coming to if i think that a blonde woman is really hot?

moving on… i can’t grow a beard. it is quite depressing. there are two bald spots right in the middle of my cheeks. i am shaving off all of my scruff tonight… that way i can let a little bit grow back before i go back to provo, and it will be right at the sexy rugged length to greet the semester with.

i am going bowling with a couple of married friends this evening. wow.

saddam hussein was hung last night. he wasn’t a good guy by any means, but i have two thoughts: 1) what were/are the costs of taking him down? 2) i don’t care what bruce r. mcconkie says, i don’t think the death penalty fits into the gospel of Jesus Christ.

tangerine convinced me to blog about it: i bought a gre/ay sweater today. it was $12. it took me a few moments to decide between the medium and the large. the large had a more relaxed look to it, while the medium had a slimmer, european look to it. i went with the medium in the end. new year, turning over a new leaf, sexy new look.

i need to get better at this blogging thing. here is a recap of some things i overlooked:

my brother attempted a lord of the rings extended edition marathon with his friends. i have never done it, and being a fan, i thought i would join it. well, trying to watch 12 hours of movies with 16 year olds who have the attention spans of the typical internet generation kid is a bad idea. i gave up during the second half of the two towers because i was sick of straining to hear the dialoguge over the banter…

i’ve been sick a lot lately. it sucks.

worst semester yet… 3.87 GPA. i have no idea what happened in my new testament class.

i have $25 credit at the itunes store… no idea what to buy. right now i am thinking of getting the academy is and the hush sound.


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