I Am Bismark

the honor code

everyone that knows me knows how i feel about it. i think i will submit the following letter to the daily unifarce editor at the beginning of next semester. comments/critiques are welcome:

It has been said many times before, but I will repeat it now lest some think that “all is well in Zion.” The Honor Code is one of the greatest examples of “looking beyond the mark” in our Mormon culture. The human soul is infinitely more precious than man-made, culturally based grooming standards, so precious in fact, that it’s worth can only be measured in drops of your and my Savior’s blood. A system that ties honor and personal righteousness with outward appearance can only foster the judgemental attitudes so prevalent already in our Church, which will only push individual souls further from the Gospel and the Atonement. Because I signed it, I will continue to live it outwardly, all the while trying to keep the weightier spiritual matters inwardly. But I will state emphatically now, our light to the world can only come from the Gospel’s light shining in our eyes and our actions, not from flourescent glows reflecting off of our smooth faces. Thank You.

meh… it was better as i wrote it in my mind last night.

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