I Am Bismark


The second failed attempt to watch Wicked of our marriage.

“2^63 − 1 ought to be enough for anyone to store in a Core Data integer attribute” - Bill Gates

predicateWithFormat:, stringWithFormat:, etc get pretty long. Where to insert a newline to reduce line length? I miss python’s *…

Just wondering what will happen to these people receiving millions of messages a year in their gmail account when they hit 120 years…

So what happens when an IMAP folder’s uidnext/messagecount goes over UINT32_MAX?

  • (id)objectForKey:(id)aKey

  • (id)objectForKeyedSubscript:(id)key


You have never experienced Shakespeare until you have watched him in the original Gujarati.

Gearing up for two hours of Shakespeare. Standing.

Best part about hiring employees: I never have to fiddle with layoutSubviews EVER AGAIN

Anyway I am up late and feeling grumpy about my craft being valued at $0 by the majority of the world. Waaaah waaaaaah.

Neither of those are socially sustainable but there are no monetarily sustainable alternatives that I can see.

Consumers won’t pay so you have to give away for free and either sell their data to the highest bidder or hook them with digital crack.

Feeling bummed about the death of sustainable (both monetarily and socially) consumer software.

Wanted: tool that finds dead code, checks the git log, removes it if it’s been untouched after N weeks.

At what point does it become easier to just write the library from scratch than to get the cross compilation to work correctly?

Cmake. My yaks are gonna be smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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