I Am Bismark


Mariam’s reaction to Marie Antoinette’s Estate: “It’s actually pretty small”. Welp.

Gmail API is at least honest about their data model. Not convinced about RESTish CRUD + polling for efficient cache synchronization.

Thanks as well for the handwork of TechStars hackstars Georgi and Srik helping prep tutorials and documentation for Switchboard.

LT: in Xcode, is there a quick shortcut to copy a selector name? E.g. given

  • (void)a:(b*)c d:(e*)f;

I want a:d: in my pasteboard.

“Hotter than the inside of a Bakerloo Line train at 11 PM”

MMMMMM by FamilyJules7x & SoulEye

Says the guy who is giving up ownership of his content to Twitter AND paying for the opportunity to do it by viewing their ads.

Nothing angers me more than my effort and time being valued at nothing. This is why I believe in paying for products and services I use.

Pro tip: if you ever plan on using iMessages internationally, make sure you add country codes to your contact’s phone numbers (+1 for πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ).

XVim now supports Xcode 6 so I can finally start playing with it.


If you’re a WarGames fan (or just love hacker movies in general) you’ve got to check out this sick video editing.

– Mark Stanislav (@markstanislav) June 9, 2014

Firefly, Doctor Who… enjoying the geeky easter eggs in Swift docs and presentations.

Looks like Handoff does have an API access. Cool.

First thing I’ve downloaded in iBooks. Well played Apple.

So will Continuity be available as an API to developers?

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