I Am Bismark


Obviously that would require app Bar to handle some standard set of push notifs from service Foo.

I wish APNS supported some sort of generic user authenticated mode. Basically for service Foo, I want app Bar to receive notifications.

If clients rendered message/rfc822 inline it could be useful for forwarding… and replies for non-trimming top-posting cretins ;)

Is the message/rfc822 mimetype ever used in the real world? Seems to just over-complicate the spec…


At this point choosing a slower but non-monopolistic ISP is a form of civil disobedience. I recommend Sonic in the Bay Area.

I suppose Core Data’s undo functionality probably covers my use case.

Core Data contexts would be more useful as a “scratchpad” if I could push partially completed objects up to a parent context through save:.

FZ: Side Z by Whitaker Trebella

Welp, Roman bath water tastes pretty much like you’d expect.

First attempt at using Exec: cleaner is a no show, wasting my sister’s time. Unimpressed. Any recommendations for cleaners that don’t suck?

I believe paying taxes is my patriotic duty, but I do find it a bit strange that the IRS’s automated phone line calls me a “customer”.

Stood in a long line at the Natural History Museum to see the T. Rex. Ended up just being lame animatronics, no fossils. Bummer.

All nerd guys from the 80s probably had a minor heart attack when Scarlett quoted WarGames in Captain America 2.

I am bothered by Dropbox’s appointment of Condi Rice to the board. I consider her complicit in the most evil acts possible: war and torture.

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