I Am Bismark


Being single for three weeks: sucks.
Being sick: sucks.
Being single and sick? Sucks greater than the sum of its parts.

My coding music as of late. The game is certainly not for the squeamish but I really enjoy the soundtrack.

So I opened this youtube link and I hear a bunch of cheering.

“Basic Multilingual Plane” always sounds so science fiction-y to me.

1974: 8080 CPU.
1979: SCHEME-79 chip with hardware GC.
2013: hundreds of inefficient software GCs running on n-GHz 8080 CPUs.

cool industry

– Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) June 24, 2013

About to enter the peninsula stretch of BART that is apparently IMPOSSIBLE for AT&T to provide any coverage for. Good for a nap I guess…

I would much prefer a tabbed App Store (Mac App Store and iTunes) to a tabbed Finder.

Bachelor for three weeks. Hoping to not set a new record for frozen pizzas for all three meals of the day…

Guilty pleasure: I get a little excited every time I get a merge conflict. It’s a like a fun little puzzle I need to solve!

I shouldn’t have been so snarky about iWork web apps, I know there is some engineers out there that should be proud of their hard work.

LDS WWDC Meetup: only the Diet Pepsi is left over.

Things missing: Better inter-app communication, better app store interactions around paid upgrades/subscriptions, swapping out of default apps (though the new multitasking APIs may cover some of this).

Remember when everyone hated the translucent menu bar in OS X?

Looks pretty but can I do anything new with it?

No wonder Apple hasn’t updated iWork in forever, it was screwing around trying to make a janky JS version that runs in a browser… :(

And with that tweet I have disqualified myself from ever holding office or being a government employee.


TIL Google interns learn about the difference between Vim, emacs, and nano.

What did bored husbands/boyfriends stuck in women’s clothing stores do before smartphones? Honest question.

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