I Am Bismark


Dear Apple Mail.app: Numbers of times that I’ve wanted “Copy Address” to actually copy “Name <address>": 0.

The end of the line is not an appropriate place for a comment.

Pacific Rim: holds up on second viewing, better in a language I speak.

If anyone is to blame for the dev center downtime, it is Apple. Not sure how anyone can be upset at the hacker for uncovering the flaw.

You know what would be awesome (once every 5 years)? If my smartphone could receive a fax.

Impeccable Micro by ensnare

Today’s coding session brought to you by…

iOS Simulator: Window -> Scale. TIL how to use the simulator on my 11-inch MBA.

Day after getting home from vacation == grumpy tweets.

If you require a login to unsubscribe from your mailing list, the extra effort required gives me enough momentum to just delete my account.

Feels like we traded one crap system for “sustainable” products (ad laden websites) for another (IAP crapware). Unimpressed with Apple.

Wheels down in SFO which means this is officially my first trip to Mexico without getting sick. YEEAAAAAHHHHH

How is Apple ever going to fix the App Store’s issues for paid apps if they devalue their own apps to nothing? Re 9to5mac.com

– Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) July 13, 2013

Pacific Rim: Saw it is Spanish so I can’t make a judgement on the dialogue, but it needed more robots fighting monsters. Too much sitting around and chatting.


Well looks like I was a few hours late for the #restorethefourth rally but I was there in spirit.

Has anyone proposed a standardized API/protocol for RSS syncing?

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