I Am Bismark


hmm this wind is almost strong enough to act as a stand for my iPad. octothorpeoceanbeach

my backpack is now full of sand. octothorpeoceanbeach

“working” on the beach in SF: not so glamorous. brrrrrrrr.

Xcode really does not want me to revert the changes in this storyboard… :/

nerd shame… it’s ceti alpha V not “seti” alpha V.

“Stock” is now along side “Little Arthur” on the list of scifi character names my wife doesn’t quite get :)

New goal: no more Hacker News until my Instapaper queue is empty.

Is it just me or is the iPad’s Music.app just horribly buggy? iTunes Match constantly fails and repeated crashes using Shared libraries.


THE WORST: get a Netflix DVD then realize it is available for streaming.

I should stop reading Apple documentation in bed at night. NSNightmare…

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