I Am Bismark


Did I need those two scoops of malted vanilla ice cream covered in hot fudge from Bi-Rite? Nope.

But I did it anyway.

A single bead of sweat slowly trickles down the back of the Apple ops engineer. This is the moment they had prepared for. This is go time.

Threes years ago today I married my awesome wife. See? No one can say I’ve never done anything right.

I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason my project setup is giving me a linker error, but I miss:

$ pip install foo
$ python
> import foo

Scripting languages exist so one can actually get things accomplished late at night. I don’t have the energy to fight Xcode tonight. grumble

Maroon 5 and Savage Garden were the same band right guys?

I’m sick of this mid-70s and sunny crap, I’m moving to Alaska.

At a club. I don’t even know why… At least my date is hot.

“There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it.”


myArray.count == [myArray count]


Missing python…

haha… i meant “curry” not “him”… whoops.

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