I Am Bismark


So, apparently git stash pop --index is a thing.

  1. Carefully stage the desired changes.
  2. Stash the leftovers for a later commit.
  3. Go to run tests and realize you forgot “-k”.
  4. Cry.

Maybe just me but I find it a bit rude when people walk out loudly during the Q&A so the speaker can’t even hear the questions.

Swag makes me sad. What if we spent that money on raspberry pis for education instead of worthless stickers/t-shirts/mugs/gizmos.

Only nice thing about walking in Santa Clara: there is no [insert mammal] poop to avoid.

Have all PyCon tutorial speakers register req packages and point everyone to the mirror. depends on where the bottleneck is I suppose…

Everyone trying to pip install to set up for tutorials at PyCon is killing the network. I wonder if having a local mirror would help…

Song of Ice and Fire: check
Firefly: check

What other geeky stuff can I reference today…

Going to a PyCon tutorial today call “Shiny, let’s be bad guys.” I will be slightly disappointed if there are no crocheted hats involved.

Summary of yesterday’s PyCon PyPGDay: “You know nothing, Ryan Johnson”.

First takeaway from PyCon PyPGDay: MySQL sucks.

OH: “F**k Ruby on Rails” - hipster blocking the sidewalk with his fixie on Valencia St.

I’ve filled up my schedule with potential talks for pycon next feel… Can’t wait to learn how much I suck at programming.

getting pumped for PyCon in a week… can I attend three talks at once?

went to a cosmetology school for a haircut and the girl cut her hand. it’s ok, blood blends in with red hair.

I wonder why Netflix doesn’t show an icon in my DVD queue next to each item available on streaming. It could be a great way to up-sell me if most movies are available… But perhaps they know just how few really are available so it would just look bad.

Netflix DVD service time has gotten much slower in the last 6 months (2 days down to 4-5 days). If only they had even a fraction of the things I wanted to watch available on streaming…

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