I Am Bismark


One takeaway from the two part This American Life: gun control really is just a bandaid. It won’t change the reality of inner city warzones.

Buena Vista Park. beautiful day, beautiful date.

Frog’s Theme.

Nevertheless, I think Alpha has not shown itself to be a killer app for ADN. I hope we will see one soon.

This takes the value away from having a monopoly on people’s personal data (see Facebook) and instead forces apps to compete on quality features. Ex: there could be N interoperable Instagram-like utilities that interface with compatible identity lockers.

By identity locker I mean a service (could be self hosted, could be a pay service, etc) which is the canonical store of your online identity. Applications are then built as utilities on top of that identity once you give them access.

Lots of discussion about ADN’s viability both online and offline, which is healthy. I see ADN as a new evolutionary step in portable online identity lockers, a market that I hope will take hold.

For example, I like browsing with my keyboard using a plugin like Vimium. But then these “browser apps” capture my keyboard and break my shortcuts. Having a separate application container for running Javascript apps would be much nicer I think.

So when did we all decide “browser” just means a sandboxed application container that runs code cached from a remote source? I really wonder if jamming the two together is really the best solution…

It amazes me the kind of crap client-side Javascript developers put up with.

“Downton Abbey you have just ruined my Christmas Day!”

My gut is sucking worse than those refs from last night…too many cookies

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