I Am Bismark


Star Wars haters gonna hate: 1983 film critic responses to RotJ

I don’t get it but OK!: Bill Gates jumps over a chair.

Lucky Ones

Undrip’s new rap and fundraising campaign for small businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy

itertools better watch out, my wife may get a little jealous of how much I love them. 💗

Girl apparently drops stuff while getting off the bus, I grab it and try to give it back, she rather rudely tells me it is not hers, bus leaves without me. FML.

Burned again by trying to be a nice person. Thanks world.

SF feels like a tropical paradise. I almost could have gone without the hoodie today.

my fly has been down with extraordinary frequency as of late. this is not a trend I am fond of.

Not all that impressed with iTunes Match so far…

Finally catching up with 2 year old episodes of The Incomparable now that we have made it to the 11th Doctor.

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