I Am Bismark


Cold and rainy Saturday morning with LDSConf streaming on the laptop. Seriously, could there be a more perfect time to fold laundry?

Disappointed with Siracusa and Jason Snell blowing off Princess Mononoke in the latest The Incomparable. Beautiful film, deserves more respect.

Spring Break(!!!!!) is great: slept in until 7:30, fried up some bacon, and ate breakfast in bed with my wife.

Somehow my team has built up a little empire where now we basically have to do code reviews for the entire company. It… kinda sucks.

Another Spanish midterm failure… I suck at this school thing apparently.

Wait, all the books that I have been wanting to read are available for free on my Kindle from the public library? Nice. thanks mom!

it ought to be illegal to abuse the Django auth system this way…

I am grateful that I have a Snow Leopard machine so that I can repair my Apple Software RAID… Thanks for nothing Lion Disk Utility.

came home really worn out last night and fell asleep immediately. now I’m awake at 3 am! time to be productive…

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