I Am Bismark


I wonder if I’ve ever been less prepared for a midterm than this..

crazy week! launched big new product at Zynga and now doing a big weekend push Undrip. grateful for Mariam’s patience.

Officially gave my two week notice to Zynga today. Excited to dive in to the startup life with the Undrip team.

If you happen to see me today, don’t worry. I look much better than I feel.

falling asleep while scrolling through my FB timeline leads to liking some pretty random stuff…

Married my awesome wife two years ago today. Best thing I’ve ever done.

enjoying the beautiful weather with a nice walk.

Cleaning out old receipts and I came across one for Pudding on the Rice. Sigh. I guess the world just wasn’t ready for such amazingness.

Yes, 128MB of dropbox space is worth it to me to spam my feed.

Japanese / Japan-related film night at the Castro Theater with my love Mariam. Not sure how she will handle Battle Royale…

Biggest negative of car sharing: relearning how to parallel park with a new car everytime.

Mission Life Skills: Learning how to walk while reading your phone AND tactically avoiding fecal obstacles of mixed origin.

Another week, another meat hangover in the making. I’ve been shabu’d.

I love what science has taught us about the wonders of this universe created through the Big Bang and evolution. I’m a Mormon.

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