I Am Bismark


Tower of Heaven (Original Soundtrack) by flashygoodness


Ok, finished A Dance with Dragons (yay for Kindle and BART rides!). Need something new until the next book comes out in 10 years…

First day of Starting Strength. Low bar squat, press, deadlift. Weights were too embarrassingly small to admit.

personal facepalm: hmm I want to add some salt to this broccoli I am going to steam.. I’ll just steam it in salt water!

derp derp derp

Little Brother: really awesome performance. Message is not very subtle though.. Almost had me wanting to go all Linux and cash only :)..

Lost my voice from yelling in addition to my ability to write a coherent sentence it seems.

well, it was an exciting game to watch. can’t say BYU played actually played well though…

mapped my caps lock key to ctrl. life = changed.

Mediterranean gorging w/ Mariam, Amy Jo and Charlie. burp.

Well that’s a relief… The world of cake lovers would miss him sorely if we had lost him so soon.

massive passed due code push on a Friday now blocked by an expired SVN cert on our build boxes…. eh I need lunch.

now that I am full time Vim my chat windows all are full of 2jdwj.iuhhhh

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