I Am Bismark


rough start to the week. time to reset and recommit.

wearing my new raw denim jeans = hands of blue.

almost called my professor “sensei”. old habits die hard.

SOPA/PIPA blackouts are great. If only we could rally like this against government actions like war where, you know, innocent people DIE.

taking a 7 AM Spanish class this semester. yawn

just had the best ヒレカツ I’ve had since Japan. ate it too quickly to snap a pic. good way to end our vacation.

me <- the jerk who blinds a bunch of people because he doesn’t realize he just flipped on the brights in his rental car.

well thy do have caffeinated cola, so it’s not really the same. but the salad bar just felt oddly familiar.

hmm this food at the polynesian cultural center seems familiar.. oh right, MTC, Morris Center, Cannon Center.

Malasada from Leonard’s Bakery. Pastry overload.

per Charlie and Amy Jo’s suggestion, at ラーメン中村. waiting for our food still, mouth watering watching all the 日本人 eat.

is it just me or does AT&T 3G really suck in Waikiki? slow load time and battery drain.

our hotel room’s bathtub is backing up.. what an exciting day!

I wish I could travel more so I could justify the cost of an airline club membership. This is definitely the way to wait.

sleep deprived and ready for a vacation. good thing we are headed for the airport.

Hard in the sense that I am too dumb to realize why my own solution is broken and I should just stick with what the experts say.

Up until 2:30 reading blogs, stackoverflow, HN discussions, Wikipedia, and journal papers. my conclusion: secure authentication is hard.

this why we don’t run ALTER TABLE while dozing off.

Next year I am celebrating 2013 by sleeping early and getting up at sunrise. Sleeping in and groggy is opposite of how I wanna start 2012.

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