I Am Bismark


If I was a kid I’m pretty sure this would be the highlight of my life.

why do I tweet about the weather so much? I’m so boring..

I miss fall but it’s hard to argue that this isn’t just about right.

Argh, who saved Samwell and Gilly on the giant elk from the wights??? I’m hoping it’s Benjen Stark.

I baked a carmel pound cake for Mariam’s birthday. The thing is an evil abomination. One slice is enough to put me off sugar for weeks.

Impostor Nostalgia by Big Giant Circles

What I’ve been coding to lately.

Anthropologie has horrible signal. Of course Mariam takes longer here than anywhere else. At least there are places to sit.

San Francisco: where the only sign of the passing of the seasons is a longer shadow cast by the overpass on my morning walk to work.

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