I Am Bismark


it was the 7th level of cache that finally made the difference. and now sleep.

tired->goofy->tired->goofy->serious->goofy->not tired anymore.

mid 80s today. I’m flailing all over the place since I’ve forgotten how to walk in flip-flops.

I just remembered while writing my memoirs how much white grape Qoo I drank before I got food poisoning in Japan. What a nasty drink.

Finished A Clash of Kings. One chapter in to A Storm of Swords. The Others are coming.

PSA: Flight of the Navigator did not hold up well with time..

Ooh they have Jelly Bellys at lunch!…

Crap, it’s Harry Potter theme day.

I wonder what the people on Valencia think when they see a guy in a suit and a girl in a dress sprint down the street every Sunday morning.

I can only assume people who use two space indentation must use a 24pt font to code.

Life is good. Except for having to deal with weird quirks in a certain company’s PHP client. Yeah, aside from that, life is good.

tried very hard but failed to find a good excuse to not go running this morning. admitting defeat as I lace up my shoes.

お好み焼きturned out decent. need to work on the consistency of the batter. enjoyable dinner w/ Mariam, Amy Jo and Charlie.

Screw it, I’m trusting the client. Damn the torpedoes and what not.

Ok not really.

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