I Am Bismark


“Heads turned through-out the studio as the two red-faced engineers let spittle and insults fly while debating the authentication system.”

they have reeses pieces dispensers on the 6th floor.

wishing I had read that Paxos paper a little more carefully right now…

My definition of a good day: Reduce server load by 75 million hits per day while deleting a bunch of code.

So many hours making empanadas, so few minutes before they all disappeared.

It’s interesting that in a long line at an airport every person has the most important flight that they must catch before everyone else.

Starting my vacation before everyone realizes EC2 is back and I get asked to do anything else…

PPPPPP - The VVVVVV soundtrack by SoulEye

Been listening to this all day

Next up is A Game of Thrones. It’s been too long since I’ve read for fun.

Finished off The Hunger Games trilogy. 45 stars for the first book, 25 stars for the final one.

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