I Am Bismark


10 hours and 900 MB later, I’ve got a git repo of a small slice of our svn repo. yay!

I think that slice of pecan pie had the same number of calories as my two plates of turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, etc. burp

Friday (Lost NES Game Version) by Danny Baranowsky

confession: I’m considering not getting a Mac for my next computer.

Humming the Undrip rap this morning… It’s pretty catchy.

someday my downward facing dog will actually look like downward facing dog.

Went outside for the first time since Saturday night. What did I do? I took out the compost. octothorptheexcitinglifeilead

day 3 of being sick in bed. octothorpnotfun, octothorpboredbuttoosicktobeproductive

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