I Am Bismark


does Outlook 2011 really not have a shortcut to go to the inbox?

On the phone with the IRS. Great way to start the week.

RSA Token app for iPhone will be much nicer than having to dig out keys from my bag each morning. No brainer.

Actually there was swag. Yay for more t-shirts!

Ok, got the bill. Should net about 5000 miles :)

Trying to pay for lunch. 20 people drinking lots of sake. I get 4 miles/dollar.

Started watching Food Inc. with Mariam last night. Time to start going back to the farmer’s market..

Yay for reading instructions and saving $40! Now only if I had kept all of my moving receipts :(

Aha! “If you did not itemize deductions for federal tax purposes, use the amounts which would be deductible if you had itemized deductions.”

TurboTax is using my federal charity donations to add credit on my WI return even though I selected federal standard deductible. Hmm.

Given the cost of filing a state through TurboTax (~$36), it’s a wash. Wish I could figure out what I’m missing. still acting like a poor student

TurboTax says I owe $40 less in taxes to WI than I calculate when doing the forms myself. I really don’t want to have to pay :(

Glad I checked the scores this morning so I don’t look foolish when everyone asks me how I feel about the Packers…

Amazing production quality on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Tips for e-File video. A must watch.

Blah. Late night with unfortunate results. Time to go home.

If servers start exploding at both Facebook and AWS, it’s our fault.

And someone took a crap on the bus. This is why I try to avoid the 19 line.

No quizzing or anything. Green card should come in 30-60 days.

Oh in case government agents are following along that last post was tongue in cheek.

Interview for Mariam’s permanent resident application in an hour. We rehearsed each other’s middle names so I think we are good to go.

Watched the miniseries of Battlestar Galatica. I really wish I had not done that. Goodbye free time until I’m through them all…

Excited for my AT&T service to become usable on February 11th.

Spent the last hour dissecting my Mighty Mouse. Scroll ball now works like brand new.

Serrano pepper was too light for the self-checkout scale to measure. Pushed with my finger and it charged me $.50. Eh. Close enough.

How can I block everyone’s terrible attempts at coming up with movie names? Twitter needs a block hashtag option…

tamales and champurrado. tasty new year’s eve.

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