I Am Bismark


Dear iCal: Repeat alert in 5 min means I need to hit it twice. Repeat in 15 minutes means I will be late. Y U NO HAVE REPEAT IN 10 MINUTES?

That nasty banking related surprise from earlier this week has cost me $63 so far. Time to pull out my negotiating for refunds skills…

spending way too much time trying to get macvim working like my textmate setup..

I’ve started to get snobbish about my carnitas super burritos. Does that make me a legitimate resident of the Mission?

woke up early to a nasty banking related surprise :(.

First failure of the soap experiment: shaving. Couldn’t get it to lather up, ending up being a very rough shave.

Perfect day to geek out at the computer history museum.

third day that I’ve used peppermint oil soap to brush my teeth. actually not too bad. this experiment is going nicely.

Textmate has gotten way too crashy for me… May have to find something new :(

when the CEO calls out your team by name 3 times in an all hands meeting in a not so positive way, that always make for a fun hump day.

Our long national nightmare of Ryan’s huge red afro will soon be over.

I’m tired of long hair. Chopping time.

even on a chilly evening the line at bi-rite is long.

In case you were considering applying at Zynga but you’re still on the fence: tonight’s dinner is beef with Japanese apple curry. Yum.

Zynga has ~300 open job positions and I get a fat bonus for all referrals so if you know ANYONE looking for tech job, let me know.

Kirby Heyborne is doing commercials for Minis? I guess he really has gone apostate… hey-oh

Clear w/ a high of 70, a nice morning run, Tartine pastries for breakfast, farmer’s market, then hiking this afternoon. Good day? Great day.

Every two months we venture out looking for a dress that a) Mariam likes b) is small enough c) is long enough. Guess how successful we are..

Giving up on Outlook 2011. I can handle the funky connection issues in Mail, I can’t handle the terrible interface in Outlook.

Glad to be back in SF with my wife, but Los Gatos Zynga office was very nice. Team is going to try to do a monthly trip for a code only day.

Fancy steakhouse in Los Gatos. Missing my wife.

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