I Am Bismark


♫ Magic and mystery are part of their history, along with the secrets of Gummi Berry juice! ♫

Finishing off the weekend of gorging with some phò in Sacramendy.

Following the Johnson tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas Eve, time to see Tron 3D.

made it down a green with no problem. Mariam is still a bit nervous.

Going to Lake Tahoe. Gonna try our hand at skiing.

I think I like Sparrow Mail, though the keyboard shortcuts leave something to be desired. Can’t figure out how to navigate to labels..

dude skateboarding with a MacBook Pro in his hand.

Not super hungry, but really tempted to eat this sandwich sitting on my desk. Tough.

Mariam got her employment authorization card in the mail today. I told her to get a job to start paying for her rockstar lifestyle.

Throwing out the dregs of a box of Frosted Mini Wheats seems like such a waste but I don’t think I want diabetes from eating it…

heard rumors today that we might be switching over to Mercurial at work.. that would be nice.

14th to Ceasar Chavez on Dolores is a killer 3 mile out and back run. I like it.

Forgot to mention our big news over the weekend: Immigration services finally scheduled our interview for Mariam’s residency application.

New goal: run to the top of the hill SW of Dolores Park (Sanchez and 21st) without walking within the next 2 months.

well did the full 10k miles. walked a bit. not my best pace ever…

the 10k is just a double loop of the 5k. guess that means I can just drop out halfway.

doing a fun run at church. knowing that the 10k will destroy me but having a tough time swallowing my pride to just do the 5k :(.

why do hipsters always walk slowly four across down the sidewalk?

(My team is in the same studio as the Cityville team in case that was not clear.)

Cityville just hit 5 million daily active users. People are once again going nuts.

Cityville just hit 2 million daily users. People are going nuts.

Earliest I’ve gone home from work in a long time. Too bad I have to get back online to support India in a few hours…

Cityville launched. Another game running our code :).

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