I Am Bismark


Got courtside tickets to a Warriors game tonight… I really should follow sports more.

these late nights working with teams in India really screws up trying to make 6 am a habit..

People in front of me lean all the way back so I have no space to put my laptop. They then pull out their laptops.

Turkey trot seemed like such a good idea at the time..

fried cheese curds at The Old Fashioned. heart attack

Just streamed an episode of This American Life through Netflix on my iPhone midair. What a world.

Red eye out of SFO. Waiting in the terminal and drunk and or high dude just offered me his orange juice….

I will switch to a streaming only Netflix plan once all the DVDs in my queue have a blue instant watch play button next to them.

got in one last workout this morning before the week of gorging begins.

blowing off the obj-c + cocoa cobwebs on this rainy evening..

I regret 100% of mornings I don’t go to the gym but 0% of morning I do go. Why in the world do I not go so often then???

Expensive sake being purchased for our table because of our launch. I just smile and say thanks while everyone else gets drunk. Good times.

I guess that means I can finally get a legit copy of the Beatles albums I ripped from my parents' CDs…

Wore a hoody the entire month of July, now I’m debating wearing shorts and sandals in the middle of November. Crazy.

up late on call for game studios. time to find a brainless movie on Netflix to keep me awake.

New Textmate release fixes the tab switching to use the standard Apple app shortcut. Happy day.

veterans fought to end wars. so let’s honor them by ending the wars we are in and bringing the troops home.

Left work early for birthday dinner with Mariam, Amy Jo, and Charlie. Pizza!

my mom tells me I got a letter inviting me to join AARP. rough.

Am I weird for being excited about how much closer our emergency fund will be to 6 months worth with my quarterly bonus?

felt better. half day at work and just now i voted.

woke up feeling really terrible. disenfranchised by my yearly fall cold :(

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