I Am Bismark

BYU Alternative Commencement Speech 2007

whether or not you agree with the things ashley said in this speech, its hard to not place this as one of the defining moments of the most interesting thing that happened at byu at least while i was there. the furor over the dick cheney visit died down quickly, and sadly so did much of the discussion and debate. i remember spending hours a day sitting on facebook discussion boards going back and forth over doctrinal and political topics. it was actually a pretty exciting time to be at byu, it made me feel like we were on a college campus.

cheney protest

this is the original dick cheney protest that got all of the media attention. (picture taken by unknown)

peace protest

this was the peace rally that we held on campus the day of dick cheney’s visit. (picture taken by austin smith)

ralph nader and me

ralph and me. yes, i am wearing the exact same shirt in all three pics.

i saved this on 2007.08.17.

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