I Am Bismark

What are the top ten things every BYU freshman should do their 1st year at the Y?

i think i originally saved this as a link to send to my little bro before he came out to byu… not sure if i ever actually gave it to him or not. but it’s always good to give a shout out to the board, the fine group of people who supplied me with friends, dates, girlfriends, mortal enemies, roommates, free food, blog readers, and crocheting lessons over most of my byu career. my relationship with the board is mostly on personal levels with current and former writers, though bismark does still make an occasional appearance. a list of every single question i ever asked can be found here, ironically on a blog post where i announced i was cutting off ties with the website (as the astute reader will see, many of the questions linked were asked after that post was originally written… old habits die hard). anyway, somewhat humorous list of things freshman should do at byu. enjoy!

i saved this on 2007.08.13.

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