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1) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Numbers

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Numbers

i think every since the hitchhiker’s movie came out, the 42 joke lost some of its thrill.. no longer has its geek value when everyone knows what you are talking about. still a clever little easter egg in apple iwork.

2) Joss Leaves Door Open a Crack for Serenity II

oh i’m so sad to see this article is almost two years old and there have been no updates since. if you haven’t watched firefly, go do it now. you have no excuse not to, its all free on hulu.com. its easily one of the best, if not the best, science fiction television series of all time. if only joss would bring it back. that would be real shiny.

3) Video of Rollerman Racing Against 600cc Sportbike (Spoiler: He Wins)

i have no idea why i saved this, but its pretty crazy if you have never seen it.

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