I Am Bismark

for my wonderful readers

i think a lot of you are coming over from the blogger world. blogger is nice for how well it plays with other google stuff, but thats really about it as far as good reasons to use blogger if you ask me. but since my switch over into the wonderful world of wordpress, i’ve missed one thing: commenter avatars. well, now i’ve figured out how to get them working! in non-blogger world, people are big into interoperability outside of just google. one of the neat ideas is a global avatar system that allows a person to have the same avatar across all blogs and website. wordpress has out of the box support for gravatars (stands for globally recognized avatar). basically you create an account with your email address and it links the avatar with that address. then every time you comment on a blog using that email address, it will display your avatar. so, for you people who have started commenting on my blog, please go grab yourself a gravatar and represent yo self!

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