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dear google reader-using friends

if you didn’t know, i am not a huge fan of web apps. i suppose i am a bit of a luddite, but desktop apps seem much more polished and robust. i hate constantly keeping tabs open and i hate site loading times. so i use apple mail instead of gmail, adium instead of gchat, ical instead of google calendar, etc. and for a news reader, i use the totally amazing and free netnewswire.

its an all around great app. the only thing that i feel like i am missing is google reader’s article sharing. for those of you who arent familiar with it, its a nifty feature that lets you share links back and forth with your gchat contacts. on a number of occasions i’ve had an insensitive clod ask me why i hadn’t read the link they shared.

so, i’ve found a solution. now i have access to my google reader-using friends' feeds.

for those of you who want to see my shared links, go ahead and subscribe to the feed found here.

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