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modeling, potlucks, scarves, and board games

ive had a pretty busy past couple of days.

saturday night my roommate austin and i started a game of axis and allies. so far we have played for almost 6 hours, and the game has yet to end. he is about to beat me though. the japanese have been completely wiped off of mainland asia, so even though they have complete control of the pacific, they have no sources of income. and now both the united kingdom and the united states are defending the russian border, so despite how many tanks germany throws at it, no good has come of it.. sigh. i think we will try finishing later today.

sunday morning michelle came over, flat ironed my hair, dressed me, and took me out to take some photos. it was awkward and i didn’t know how to handle the whole thing. i think michelle did a pretty good job despite the goofiness of her subject. here is a sample:

ryan modelling

you can check out her blog for more with a few goofy ones thrown in for good measure… some of her other work is really good, so you should check it out!

after church on sunday, amanda invited me over to her house for a potluck. i brought little debbie snacks that i had arranged nicely on a plate. it was weird how many people i already knew there and also how many people had connections with japan. it was a lot of fun though, and i met some really interesting people (it was kind of the more artsy fartsy crowd). i think i will go again next week. maybe with some monkey bread?!!

yesterday was spent almost entirely in the lab working on space invaders. our game is coming along nicely, but we still have some obnoxious bugs that i have no idea how to fix. i think i need to completely re-write my bullet collision code. sigh.

despite that busyness, i did find a chance to do my daily good turn. mariam texted me she that she had forgotten her scarf at the bus stop on her way to work, so i decided to run over there and pick it up for her. i dropped it off last night after fhe, and she was quite grateful. i enjoy being a nice guy.

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