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“living just to find emotion”

i had a fun evening! i guess i can’t say that i have done that on a friday in a long long time. i’m glad i finally could again.

divine comedy 6

yes, it was all sold out!

little bro was kind enough to pick me up a ticket to divine comedy for this evening. he got two for himself, but after not finding a date (hang in there bro!) he gave me the extra. so i invited my friend kristy to come down from salt lake city to enjoy it with us! i’m glad she did, cuz i enjoyed hanging out with her again.

divine comedy 7

long lines…

divine comedy 4

kristy and adam!

divine comedy 5

adam being a goof

the show was pretty good. i miss some of the old days, and the remake of the “every sunday school lesson ever given” skit was certainly not as good as the original, but i still laughed it up. also, people just don’t have as much fun between skits. i always stood up, danced, and waved around my glow sticks, but i was basically the only one to do it tonight. eh, it was still awesome.

divine comedy 3

daily unifarce headlines!

divine comedy 1

my old roommate on stage for a skit

i found out my old roommate jeremy is now a member of the troupe. that made me laugh and also remember some fun summer evenings of sitting up and talking about just about anything until 2 in the morning. the best part was his video montage with “don’t stop believing” as the music. soundtrack of summer ‘07. classic.

divine comedy 2

me living it up and freaking out kristy

after the show, we drove up to little bro’s house to pick up my much belated birthday gift (i FINALLY got the best of cat stevens cd! yay!). sadly we all forgot about the basketball game ended, but that was ok because kristy and i got to chat it up and sing along to cat stevens. it was a happy evening for me.

i am going to seattle tomorrow. i am pretty nervous about the whole interview thing. we shall see! amidst all of the crap lately, i totally spaced the fact that my friend bridgette moved to seattle a little while ago, so we are going to hang out! after my dinner on saturday night with a byu alumnus, she said she could go out and see the city. partay time. it will be nice to have a friend there to enjoy things with.

anyway, time to keep packing. i will do my best to take lots of pics and write about how the whole adventure goes!

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